The 6 best productivity apps 2021!

The best productivity apps 2021!
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You have your smartphone with you at most times and can use it to make your life a lot easier. Read on for my best productivity apps for 2021.


This is a follow-up to my post about the best productivity apps for 2020. Our smartphones are our extended arms nowadays. If we make use of them properly, they can come in as insane machines to increase our productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

I will include what platform you can find the following apps as well. 

Let’s go. My best productivity apps 2021


Todoist is an insanely strong app. It’s a todo-app that you can use alone or in a team, so whenever you complete a task, your teammates can see that as well and act accordingly.

To setup todoist, I have a guide on how to set it up for optimal productivity.

I would really encourage you to use todoist with premium, so you get the full benefits of having labels to work with. With these labels, you can create powerful filters to see only the tasks you really need to see

. If you’d like to try it, here is a link for 2 months of free premium. (Note: I get 2 months of free premium as well if you decide to subscribe to the service after the 2 months! The trial itself is 100% free!) (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop)

Loop habit tracker

Last year I used TIMECAP, which is a very cool and well-programmed app.

I do think that it has too many features for me – I like to keep it simple. Since the end of 2020, I started to use “LOOP habit tracker”, which is very easy to use. 

For 2021 a goal of mine is to read at least 12 books – this app helps me do it since it’s a nice accountability thing to see if I hit my reading goal every day.

You can set up widgets on android to make using this app even more frictionless – which is a good thing to build a habit. (Android)

Google Calendar

I could see myself using this app for my whole life. It’s easy to use, it has a clean look, basically, it’s everything I want from a calendar.

No list of the best productivity apps for any year would be complete without a calendar. If you live together with someone, I suggest that you create a shared calendar. It’s pure gold to see when you are planning to do something together. 

You could also grant someone viewing access to your calendar, so they always know when you have plans at a specific date. Hint: Don’t plan a surprise party on the calendar with your fiance. Been there, done that. (iOS, Android, Web)


Notion is on a steep rise since the beginning of 2020. They are 100% free now if you plan on using the basic version, which is enough for most of us.

You can create powerful databases in notion, you can make all the apps in this list obsolete if you really want to commit to just one system. 

I, for myself, use “notion” to plan out the things I want to do for this website and have my goals set up there.

I have a 10-year horizon in notion, which I suggest you try out as well, I wrote a guide on how to do that. The possibilities with notion are endless, a few examples of what I use it for: 

  • Gift ideas for friends and family (whenever I hear them say something, it ends in this list)
  • Goal planning
  • Post tracking (for this site)
  • “Compendium of growth” (A collection of quotes, articles, books, ideas I stumble upon)
  • Good restaurants
  • The wine I really liked (never again I have to guess which one was the one I liked?)

Head over to, to create an account. (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop)


Kindle is not a productivity app per se, but reading is something to give you a drive, new ideas, and finally, improve your life.

I take my kindle with me everywhere. It’s so small, it fits in any bag and you can read on the bus, metro and at the dentist. There is also an app for android and iOS which syncs with your kindle whenever you read on one device.

Your kindle is at home? I bet your phone isn’t. Take these 5 minutes on the toilet and read a page. Think about how much time you spend waiting in your week/month/year. Combine that with your reading speed. Do I have to say more? (iOS, Android, Kindle)

Google Drive

A cloud service is awesome. All your files at hand? That’s great. If you are a crack in IT you could do it on your own, but for the normal user, drive is powerful.

I have important files in drive, so when a disaster hits my apartment, I have a backup online. I do have security issues, so I encrypted my files with a third party program as well to make it safer, in case my account gets hacked. If you use google drive, you should really activate 2FA for your account! (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop)


Swiftscan is an app to, well, scan your documents. Every document I scan gets uploaded with OCR(searchable text) into my google drive. It only takes 10 seconds to scan and upload a file with 2 pages – this is great to decrease the amount of paper you store at home.

This app made my scanner at home obsolete and solved the problem of scanning papers for me. (iOS, Android)


These are the best productivity apps 2021 for my personal use. They all solve a problem for me and make my life a bit easier. 

What is your opinion? Which apps are YOUR “best productivity apps 2021”? Let me know!

I hope you could learn something from this post and it made your life a little bit simpler – let me know! You can find more productivity-related posts on the right-hand side.



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