1 simple way on how to be more productive in life

how to be more productive in life

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Find out how to be more productive at work or at home and get the ability to spend your time where it matters.


I think you know this – you get a bill in your mailbox and you take it with you to your computer, turn it on, load the banking site, log into it and pay the bill. Five minutes after you took the bill from the mailbox it’s paid. Same thing the next day.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time in a week on chores like this and still get the same amount done? There certainly is a way to do so. It’s called “batching”.

What is batching?

Batching describes the way of gathering tasks of the same nature and do them all together.

Every factory does that, they produce 1.000 cars of model X and set up the production line for model Y afterward to hit their goal of 1.000 cars of both models.

They could be doing it differently though, like switching after every 10 cars. But setting up the facility costs time and money. Your life isn’t so much different. Hell, you even do this when you go shopping for groceries, or do you buy lemons today and water tomorrow? No – you do everything in one trip!

The first thing I did when I started batching: create an entry in my todoist for everything I want to batch. To see my complete todoist setup, have a look at this post. Here are two examples.

Example 1: Finance

Before batching: I checked my finance around 3 times a week for 15 minutes – a total of 12 times a month. That’s 180 minutes per month or 36 hours per year. I reconciled my accounts in YNAB and filled in my financial planning file. Learn more about budgeting or my YNAB setup.

After batching: I do it once every two weeks, which adds up to 30 minutes a month or 6 hours a year – a total reduction of 30 hours.

Example 2: e-Mail

Before batching: As soon as an email came into my inbox. It could be spam, could be something interesting – but I had to take out my phone read through it, decide whether I can delete it, or have to answer it. Answering right away isn’t always possible, so I rescheduled.

After batching: I check my emails three times a day. 8 a.m. 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

I cannot say how much it saves me but it’s plenty of time. And another good thing is, I can allocate my time how I want. There is no outer force (the email sender) who dictates that I have to work on his email right now! If it’s urgent and I don’t respond right away, they can still call me.

Find out what you can put off for a while

To do this for yourself, find tasks you repeatedly do and which of these are of the same nature. Put them on a list, ask yourself how long can you go without doing them.

Now set yourself a recurring task in your to-do app (Wait, you don’t use one? Click here and learn how to setup todoist for optimal productivity.) and only do these tasks on the given days.


  • Stop doing tasks one by one and as they occur. Try to batch them!
  • Don’t let other people dictate your day – you are the owner of your time.

I hope you could learn something from this post and it made your life a little bit simpler – let me know! You can find more productivity-related posts on the right-hand side or by clicking HERE.

As always, I would be happy to hear some feedback on this post. 


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