Long term goals will give your life a direction

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“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates


Have you ever had an interview, where the interviewer asked “So, where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your goals?” and you either knew what to answer or just said, “where you are sitting.”?

I bet you have – you have at least heard about it. Why not ask yourself this very same question every once in a while?

Find out how long term goal setting can help you steer in the right direction. If you follow along, you will learn how to formulate goals for yourself.

This post is a follow up to this one right here


  • Take a piece of paper, a text document, or a whiteboard, it doesn’t matter what you are using. I use notion.so for that. 
  • Turn off the “How can I do X” saying or “But…”
    • This is crucial. Don’t think of roadblocks, just think about the goal!
  • Get creative
  • Turn off all distractions – it’s only YOU and your dreams now

Split your life

The quote from Bill Gates stuck with me for a long time now, because it’s so true.

Now I want you to split your life into categories. You can do 3, you can do more or less, I like to keep it simple and use only 3.

  1. Personal

  2. Professional

  3. Physical

Write them down on your paper.


Now write your goals for each category. And don’t even think about the “How”. Write down what’s important to you, write down what you REALLY want to accomplish.

For me it looks like this(Just some examples):


  • Have a certain income
  • Get my overtime hours to 0


  • Reach the 1.000lb club in fitness
  • Live in a house (renting or buying)
  • Have my convertible


  • Established a routine of publishing 1 blogpost per week
  • Reach 250 Blogposts
  • Get 10.000 subscribers

Now that you fleshed out some long term goals, break them down.


Now that you have a broad overview, we have to get real. We have to think about WHAT we have to do to make it work – but still, it’s just yearly.

I give you an example of the Personal→Blog post goal, so it doesn’t get too lengthy.


  • 5 year: Reach 250 blogposts
    • 1 year: Post 50 blog posts this year.

Alright, that was some good work. Now we have a better grasp of what we have to do. What’s next is we go deeper into the rabbit hole.


Now we have to think about it, even more, take your goals and break them down further.


  • 5 year: Reach 250 blogposts
    • 1 year: Post 50 blogposts
      • Quarter X: Post 12 blogposts

Alright, that seems a bit more actionable than the 250 Posts I talked about for 2025. But again, we don’t stop here. We go DEEPER!


Okay, we do have more manageable numbers once we got to the quarter, but still, you might feel overwhelmed.

The next step is, break it down for monthly goals.


  • 5 year: Reach 250 blogposts
    • 1 year: Post 50 blogposts
      • Quarter X: Post 12 blogposts
        • Month X: Post 4 Blogposts

By breaking it down even further, we again have good chunks we can work on, without being distracted – we have a goal to reach now.

But wait, there is more!


So, take out your lenses, we are on a weekly basis now.


  • 5 year: Reach 250 blogposts
    • 1 year: Post 50 blogposts
      • Quarter X: Post 12 blogposts
        • Month X: Post 4 blogposts
          • Week X: Monday: Research for post X, Tuesday: write the script and publish it

If you WANT you could even go down further, for me it stops here. Having an overview with steps aligned to my long term goals is enough – I don’t plan every hour of the day.

But again, remember what I wrote HERE – don’t focus on the outcome too much, establish a process first before you get on the numbers – I focus on writing a lot now, I write whenever I have time and am at home so that I get into the habit of that.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make a goal, or if your interest change and you do something else instead. Just abandon the goal and move on – don’t take yourself, hostage, do what you want with your life!

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Also, I would be happy to hear some feedback on this post in the comment section down below.


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