Be more succesful with new year’s resolutions!

New years resolutions
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New year’s resolutions. We love them, we hate them. We hear sentences like: “Next year I am going to be better.” “I will hit the gym regularly.” “New year, new me!”

You know these people. We’ve all been there. The first of January comes and suddenly you are motivated to improve your life. But I ask you – why would you wait until the year is finished? I tell you: Leverage multiple new Year resolutions throughout the year with this system.

New years resolutions

According to, 80% of new years resolutions fail by the second week of February.

And I think that’s quite right when I look at my gym which is CROWDED in January and then you suddenly only see the regulars afterward.

Well, first of all, a huge problem is that you want to change too much at once. Do you want to lose weight? Don’t start by saying “I go 5 times a week to the gym and only eat healthy food day in and day out.” Start by leaving the sugar out of your coffee. Then you can snowball from there.

Set systems and goals and start small

If you followed already you have seen the post about process-driven goals and how you can narrow down your longterm goals from this goal setting guide

Once you’ve established your goals and the process to get to it, you don’t have to wait until the year is over.

Making changes in your life takes time. If you want to make it quick, you will most likely not be successful with the changes to last long. The myth goes that you need 21 days to establish a new habit and this might be true for some people, for most people, and I definitely include myself here, it is more like 66 days.

Being consistent with a new habit, a new thing to improve yourself for 66 days isn’t easy. So you should really start out small.

Have multiple new years eve’s throughout the year

Once you’ve tried out one habit/one thing for 66 days consistently, then you can move on to the next one.

Pat yourself on the back, you have already been more successful than 80% of the people who quit their resolutions by the second week of February!

The beauty of multiple resolutions

If we take the 66 days you need to change or establish a habit, you can do 5.5 new things per year. Let’s say 5 because there will inevitably be days where you don’t do things (and that’s okay!).

Even when you just do 4 new things a year it’s 400% more than when you wait for the “magic day” of 1st of January.

After 10 years you could have established 40-50 new habits, tried out 40-50 new things. See that against the 10 new years resolutions you would have done in the same time.

Putting things into this perspective is great to understand the value of this.

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I hope you could learn something from this post and it made your life a little bit simpler – let me know! You can find more productivity-related posts on the right-hand side. 

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