Get the RIGHT things done: Plan your day!

Learn how to plan your day effectively
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Plan your day to crush your goals.


If you want to follow your goals and the bigger picture you are working on, you have to have a guideline for your days.

You can do it as many people do – just wake up and do something. That’s at least better than doing nothing. But if you spend your energy on things which done matter, it’s the same thing.

Planning for your day or week in advance gives you the chance to make the moves you have to do.

I use the templates of Nat Eliason which I tweaked a bit to fit my personal needs to set up my goals for the year and so on. Every Sunday I set up a new weekly planner, I fill out the rough guideline for the week – where are my priorities, what are the must-dos.

Find out how you can use this tool to get the right things done.

Align your day with your goals

So, you don’t want to just do something, you want to achieve your longterm goals. If you don’t have them carved out yet, have a look at “A goal setting guide which impacts your life for the better”

Every morning before you head to work, lay out the things you want to achieve on this day. In his book “The productivity project” Chris Bailey talks about the “rule of three”. Three things you want to accomplish on that day. 

If you know the bigger picture goals, you already have a rough roadmap. Do you have to contact someone to get this one project moving? That’s a good starting point – write it down. You also want to lose weight – going to the gym is the next good thing. And lastly, you want to build better relationships. Call a friend and ask for a meetup!

These are three simple things which get you closer to your goals – it doesn’t always have to be big chunks of work you are doing – baby steps are the way to go!

You will see that having a plan for the day helps you accomplish your goals.

Do the work

So, this is self-explanatory. You have to do the work in order to get things done. There is no trick or hack – you have to do it (or delegate it if you can! But that’s a topic on its own.)

Review your day and improve it

Now that you have done your first day with a plan – what do you do? I recommend doing a weekly review, what happened to be good this week, what can you improve? But for the beginning, you can start with a mini daily review. 

Sit down with your plan – did you accomplish everything on this day that you wanted to? If not – what held you back?

Did you not have enough time to get the work done and the things you wanted to do weren’t small enough? Then try to break the work down in smaller chunks!

Did you have enough time but no energy? Find out at which time you work the best and put the hardest tasks in your biological primetime. 

Any bottleneck you can find and improve on will help you in the future.

Every lesson you’ve learned can go into a learning database that you can come back to regularly to keep the lessons present and not do the same mistakes again. 

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Even a badly planned day is better than a day without a plan. Try it out – you will find out that it’s an awesome tool to help you do the right things.


I hope you could learn something from this post and it made your life a little bit simpler – let me know! You can find more productivity-related posts on the right-hand side.

As always, I would be happy to hear some feedback on this post.


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