2 Tips for building a morning routine that is easy to implement

Tips for building a morning routine
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Building a morning routine is a good step in the right direction of improving your life for the better.


When you are interested in self-improvement and productivity, it’s unavoidable that you stumble upon morning and evening routines. Routines and improvement seem to be linked together like nothing else.

And I would say it’s good that it’s like that. A routine automates a part of your life and you don’t have to waste energy thinking about the tasks at hand.

This post is about building a morning routine and tips on how you can stick to it to set a good foundation for success.

I’m going to start with the evening routine because I find it’s the foundation of successful tomorrow morning.


Before you create any routine for yourself, think about what’s important to you. Don’t just follow a routine from a famous person without thinking about it – this won’t get you where you want to be.

I like to base my routine around 3 pillars, which are health, relaxation, and knowledge.

Your’s could look a whole lot different, but I suggest starting with these three pillars.

Now let’s hop right into it and find out how it looks in real life.

Evening routine:

My evening routine starts at around 8 p.m. I start winding down by turning off my screens (TV, Computer, Smartphone) to reduce blue light emitted by these screens. Blue light, or light in general, hinders your body to produce melatonin, a sleeping hormone, a Harvard study found out. Some days, when I feel like it I do meditation, but this is pretty rare lately. (Pillar: Relaxation)

I then lay out my cloth for the next day, which is pretty easy since my employer supplies my shirts, I just have to pick a pair of jeans and shoes. I lay out my gym clothes the same way – a black shirt with a pair of sweatpants.

I fill my coffee machine and set a timer for 4:35 a.m. the next day while brushing my teeth and preparing for bed.

Morning routine:

I wake up at 4:45 a.m. every day with a light alarm clock (light gets brighter the closer it gets to 4:45, it’s like a sunrise) I never use the snooze button. This is a habit which is worth breaking, because these 5 more minutes destroy me so bad, that I am groggy for the next few hours.

After getting out of bed, I change right into my workout clothes and drink a big glass of warm water with a tablespoon of honey and apple vinegar. It’s said to help increase fat loss, but it also tastes good and I like it much more than a glass of pure water in the morning when I am waking up.

Next, I grab my coffee and check my e-mails from work and private while listening to a 100 second summary of the news. I head out the door at around 5:15 to go to the gym and get to work at around 7.


Doing these routines frees me from making decisions from easy tasks. Yes, deciding which pants you want to wear is a decision which depletes your willpower for the day!

Other than then, it’s just a good thing to automate small tasks every day to make it a habit of doing them.


These routines helped me greatly in sleeping better and getting up more rested. Having the workout in the mornings made me stick to them much more than having them in the evenings when I come home exhausted.

If you don’t have a good routine, and you are interested in improving your life, start with small, doable steps. Just wake up without snoozing for the beginning, if you managed to do that, you can build additional things on top of that. It is a solid foundation to start your improvement. Every step in the right direction is a good thing to do. If you want to improve in other areas as well, make sure to check out the LATEST POST section!

As always, feel free to give me feedback on this post – what are the routines and habits you are doing?

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